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What Our Members Say

Very detailed. I’ve already lost 3-5 strokes on average per round. I’m typically a 90-110 golfer from the tips. - Lifesafeeling
Great app for beginner golfers - Love this app. Can’t wait to use it again. I really like the tracking distance of each club. Being a new golfer, I was not sure when and what club to use. This app takes the guessing out. - Kepatterson
I have enjoyed using this app during my 30 day trial period. It has taken time to get use to the functionality while playing a round of golf, but it has been worth it! I love the ability to measure my game with stats. What I like most about this App is the image of the course. It helps when I have played an unknown Golf Course. Thanks for a great App and keep up current!!! - TG Golfing
LOVE the app. Getting more acquainted with the features round by round. A step forward from Golfshot GPS! - Brian Shemwell
I love this app. I believe it helps me manage my game better, especially the GPS. I am vision impaired and have difficulty judging distances and the GPS enables me to accurately (subject to skill in execution) choose the right club for the distance concerned - Doug Burrows
This app is pretty neat. I've used it for two rounds of nine. Not for all the neat features but just for the GPS distances and course fairway outline. It has helped knock several strokes off my game giving the distances to the pin. I'm sure after utilizing the app fully it will improve my game even more. - Ken Grambo